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I am So Excited!!

My blog is finally coming into it’s own. It’s finally starting to look and FEEL like my bloggy home. Horrah!!! Still some tweaking like widgets and the like but…”By Golly, I think I’ve got it!”



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Here’s the low down….

I’m probably going to be taking advantage of this domain name sale that I spoke about earlier today and I need to come up with a domain name. I’m uncertain if the current title of my blog fits or not.

Momma is thinking she needs to know if her current Blog Name is working or not. Do you think that my title fits the content of this blog? or do you feel another name would better suit it? If so, what would YOU suggest?

Here’s where you come in….

I want YOUR suggestions for my blog home. What would YOU chose the title of my blog to be? You can suggest as many as you would like. I’ll leave this open until Sunday, February 22, 2009. I’ll look them all over and make a decision Monday, February 23, 2009 and annouce either Monday afternoon/evening or Tuesday morning first thing.

Feel free to pass on and share my Giveway with other’s as well. The more the merrier.

What will the winner receive?


AVON’s NEW Naturals Apple & Honeysuckle Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Body Mist Spray. It’s a refreshing scent/retreat and perfect for Spring time. I’m sure you are going to LOVE it. I know I do! This product is not available for another month! You’ll be one of the first ones to have it!

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Lately, i’ve been thinking about buying my blog name as a domain name. What do you think? Should I go for it? Do you like my current blog name? or perhaps you have a suggestion for another name (Oh! I smell an option for a giveaway here….) given the content of my blog???

I recently read about a very reasonably priced website sale for domain names and it really got me thinking. Now is the perfect time to think about it, do it and take advantage of this special offer.

At Godaddy.com if you enter the code LOVE99 it will discount your domain name to $.99. After tax, you are only paying $1.19. That isn’t bad at all. The first step to treating your blog like a business is by having it hosted at it’s own .com. So go ahead and purchase it before the price is raised back to $9.99.

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