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Now that i’m really getting down to business with this whole running thing – you know, a 5K on the pavement and all – not just the treadmill running – I thought it’ be time to get myself fitted for the correct pair of running shoes for me.

Both Little Bear and I were feeling on the better side Wednesday night so we decided to stop by the South Jersey Running Company to get the deed done. That’s where we met TJ – our handy, dandy sales associate. He was going to help us find out exactly what was up with my feet and dress it like the queen.

After about 20 minutes, TJ informed me that my right foot was just peachy keen…perfectly normal in every way–gait and arch. My left foot, however, was less to be desired. Apparently, my left likes to be different — it was a 1/2 inch longer than my right…it also has a lower than normal arch and is quite the over-pronator. The complete opposite of my right. Crazy, right?  His suggestion was a sneaker with a lot of stability (for that left foot) and cushioning for my bad back and old softball knee injury. I’m not really sure on the particulars and exact terminologies but I might call today for a follow up call and find out so I know for future reference. I was too excited to soak all that he was saying into my noggan. That’s when he brought out three lovely shoes for me to try.  They were the Asics GT-2150, Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6 and the Adidas Supernova

I tried on the Asic’s first…Ahhhh comfort!! Just the right snug fit around my arch and a nice roomy box toe. Of course the cushioning was fab too!! Then I tried on the Saucony’s….they weren’t too bad either but the support in the arch wasn’t as nice and snug as the Asic’s.  Then the Adidas…well, I just didn’t like those one bit.  It was certainly a toss between the Asic’s and Saucony’s. I tried the Asic’s on the left and the Saucony’s on the right for one last fit….In the end I went with the Asic’s.  I really wanted to try on some Mizuno’s or Brooke’s but he didn’t bring any out (and I know they carried them). I do not know if that’s because they did not have any in my size (6.5 – a half size larger than I normally wear bc of the whole left foot thing, ya know) or they did not have any for my feet requirements. *shrug*


While I was there I also tried out my first pair of Running Socks. TJ had me try the Balga one’s. Oh my gosh! Talk about heaven on feet! I now see why they say no to cotton socks and yes to these babies!!! *Swoon* Of course for $10/pair they better be nice and do their job.  In the end, I bought these too. A girl’s gotta do it right, right? I’ll just have to do some searching on getting these babies for cheaper.

Before getting fitted, I have been wearing the Saucony’s ProGrid Hurrican  8’s. According to last night’s research I was on the right path as to wearing the right shoe. They’ve been working great for me on the treadmill but didn’t cause any knee or leg pain until recently while I took the the pavement for our lunch time walks around the park.  TJ says it is probably starting to wear down. I’m just glad that now I know what kind of foot and stride I have so I now know what kind of future shoes to purchase.  Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain for the next four days! Urgh!!! I really am super excited to get these babies on the pavement and try them out.  I’ve got a 15 day return policy on these so if they aren’t right for me I can exchange them for another one. I don’t think that will be the case tho. These babies seem to be really nice and suit my feet just fine (and according to last night’s research also the Running Worlds Runners Best Choice! who’d have thought?!)



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Oh the joy!


For the past year, I have 0o0o’d and ahhh’d at all the bloggers who have developed the art of knitting. Some were just beginning. Others were a year in. Some had years upon years of experience. While some were knitting washclothes, other’s were knitting apparel for their young. Oh how I relished in every post I read about their knitting projects, experiences, mistakes. I wanted to learn to knit, goshdarnnit. By golly, I was going to learn!

While on the unemployment line, one would think I had an abundance of time to learn such skill. Boy, were they sadly mistaken. Yet each and every day I yearned and ached and thought about wanting to learn to knit. The days came and went right before my eyes. Every night would end with the same thought “guess I will learn to knit tomorrow.” Sad, right?

One day, back in June, Little Bear and I made a trip to our local A.C. Moore’s store. During this visit, she helped me pick out the yarn which would be used to make my very first project – a gift for her – a scarf. She had picked out a beautiful yarn and I was so very excited to use it. After, we went to pick out a set of needles. Having no experience or knowledge, we ventured up and down the knitting needles row trying to distinguish what size we wanted to go with. We already knew that most preferred the Bamboo over the Metal so we knew we wanted Bamboo. But what about the size? We ended up chosing a 10 – little did I later realize I should have went with the eight.

Did I learn to knit in June? Sadly, I did not. It was not until the second weekend of October – four months later that I learned the beautiful art of knitting. A neighbor just three houses down from us – also an AVON customer of mine was gracious enough to extend the offer several months prior to June to teach me. One Saturday, while taking her AVON order, I heard this little question in my head “Little Bear is down. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn to knit. Ask her what she’s doing?” So, after taking her order, I asked her if it would be a good time to come on over and have her teach me to knit. Score! She was not only available but eager and excited! I grabbed my supplies (Ball of Yarn, Set of 10 needles and two beginner books) and off I went.

The next two hours were the most enjoyable two hours of my life. Oh how we first talked about all her past projects. O0o0o’ing and ahhhhh’g at all her projects. We talked about all sorts of projects I could start on and even do later on. In the end, we chose to stick to the scarf for Little Bear. We realized the one yarn I had purchase would not be enough for any other project. It also would be good practice to get me started on knitting. Susan casted-on for me and then taught me the “knit” stitch. It wasn’t long before I was on my way. Sure, for the first four days, I would make a mistake here and there and be right over there for her to fix it but after that, well, I was on my way.

I am almost done the scarf now. Have about eight more inches left. Susan will bind it off for me and then she’ll teach me the “purl” stitch and I can work on Project #2, a hat to match the scarf I made for Little Bear. Ohhhhhhhhhh, how very excited I am.

I am truly enjoying every minute I have of knitting thus far. It soothes my soul. It is relaxing and gives me such a sense of accomplishment and pride. Knitting this scarf brought back so many memories of past projects I used to make. It reminded me why I loved crafting and what it did for my soul. Oh yes, I have finally relit that spark that has been in hibernation so long and I owe it all to the bloggers who wrote about it and for Susan for teaching me.

Happy Knitting!!!!

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Mama Bear Moments

We hear it from every angle. Us Mom’s need to make it a priority to find at least 60 minutes in the day for quality “me time.” But how does any Mom find 60 minutes for something so trival as “me time” when there is dishes to be washed, laundry to fold, the children screaming for our undivided attention and let’s not forget the husband who’s asking us “what’s for dinner?” Well, ladies, who says it has to be 60 minutes in one sitting? I know I haven’t seen it anywhere in writing. Would it be nice? Heck Yeah! But is it really feasible for “me” 90% of the time. Sadly, it is not. But what if we switched the thinking? What if we found 60 minutes total in the day for “me time?” Now that, that my dear sweetnesses, I think we can all manage to do.

Oh, 60 minutes. How I envision thee. Might I spend my intervals knitting? perhaps reading? maybe exerise? perhaps just meditating and relishing in the moment? Oh the possibilities!!!!!!!!

Over the course of the last week, I’ve been deligently trying to get my 60 minute total fulfilled every day. Some days I might come up short but I know that there is always tomorrow. I have yet to have a 60 minute total moment in time but alas, I know it can be done – mostly on the weekends and only if I really, really, really dedicate myself to it versus the laundry awaiting me down below or the dishes to my right just staring at me. No, my dears. I may not have squeezed a full 60 minute time period but I have had five minutes here or 10 minutes there. They add up, baby!

Over the last week, I’ve spend my moments knitting Little Bears scarf and reading The first two volumns of The Vampire Diaries. I must confess tho, the majority of my time has been spent on the scarf. I’ve been knitting now for going on three weeks and I am just determined to finish this project. Not to mention the fact that I find the craft extremely relaxing. Ahhh, knitting. But, that’s another topic for another time.

But i’ve been thinking, right now, my priority is to find those 60 minutes in a day. What I really want to do is to tweak it to where I’ve been able to fulfill three important areas — Mind, Body and Spirit. Ideally, 20 minutes of each daily to total my 60 minutes. Doesn’t this sound like such an awesome plan?!? I know. I rock. LOL! No, but seriously…….doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

What I would like to do is something like this:

Mind – Reading of some sort. It can be reading on my breaks at work or at home. As long as I’ve gotten them in (which lately M-F it’s during my two 15 min breaks)

Body – Any form of exercise whether it’s the WiiFit, The Treadmill, Walking on my lunch break
or ideally what I want to do – Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (since i started and never finished)

Spirit – Any form of crafting – right now knitting. It sooootheeeeees my soullllll. (And it’s usually done during my 30 minute lunch as of late)

Can ya dig it????


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Blah. I really have been disliking my blog. It just has not felt like home to me. Something about it just isnt making it comfortable for me. I think it’s the design, the layout selection and other various add-on’s on the end. My guess is, it is for that reason i’ve been so reluctant to post here. For this, I apologize to my faithful readers.

It is my hopes that over the next few days to tweak this blog to where it is much more comfortable. At a place where I can post fairly frequently again. I am not going to go with a specific theme. Every one is doing the frugal thing anymore. My last blog title was Frugal, Fit and Fabulous but honestly, even tho it pretty much sums up my life it lacks one important element, Family. So, for now, until I can come up with a good title, it’s just going to be “Hello World! It’s Just Me.” If you have an idea for a blog title for me, do feel free to share in the comments. I always am open to fresh ideas, suggestions, constructive critisism (spelling?) and the likes. Plus, it feels good to know my readers care. :o)

That about sums up what will be going on over in this side of the blog for the next few days. Please be patient if some things come and go or the look continues to change and evolve. I’ll get it ironed out shortly. In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

And on that note, dust is calling my name, the vaccum keeps staring at me and I have a Little Bear here screaming for attention that I might join her to play with her in her kitchen. Ahhh, the joys of Motherhood……Til next time folks……..Have a beautiful day and stay warm because “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

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A New Chapter Begins

As you all know, i’ve been employed for almost seven weeks now. Long story about how it all came about but the ending is still the same – I lost my job of seven years. I was angry. I was sad. I was hurt. Then, it was time to put on my big girl panties and move on.

I have been actively seeking new employment now for seven weeks. Jobs are becoming more readily available, however, the competition is fierce. I was competiting with anywhere between 800 and 1200 applicants. Insane, right? I would be a fool if I said I was not at least slightly worried. I was but I had faith and sometimes that is all you can have.

When job hunting, we all know the basics – get the resume nice and polished, create a excellent selling cover letter and make sure you have a few references under your belt ready and available. Then comes the search! I don’t know how you were taught but I was always taught to apply for the jobs that are advertised but the key to landing a job faster is to apply to places that aren’t advertising. That’s always been the trick for me.

When I am searching for new employment I always do the same things. I first apply at a few temp agencies. This always has my bottom covered incase I cannot find employment or need money fast. They offer temp positions (days, weeks, months) and temp to perm positions (temp for 90 days then permanent). After I’ve done that I immediately set up my accounts on CareerBuilders, Monster and maybe one or two others if they are out there. I then immediately start to search the sites and submit my resumes to all that I feel would interest me or be considered for. I would follow up on those sites daily, as well as Craigslist. Be careful with Craigslist. A good majority of them are SCAMS! A good way to weed them out is to look very closely at the ads. Check the email address. Does it say end with an @gmail.com? Chances are it’s a SCAM! How about the salary amount at the bottom. It’s like the old saying goes “If it’s too good to be true it probably is.” Same applies here. If the ad’s salary sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Next up, I open up the phone book. I look over all the local businesses first to see if any would interest me. I then look up online if they have an email address. If so, I will email them my resume for consideration. No email? 1972 it is and one will be mailed. Then, of course, you have the old fashioned way of just walking into an establishment and submitting your application and resume that way. This way takes A LOT of work but it can be worth it – as I’m about to show you.

Three weeks ago I was drafting up my Walk-In Applying game plan. I was planning what areas/business parks I wanted to hit on what days. I say “days” because in my area we have quite a few business parks around us. All of which have a substantial amount of businesses in them. What a perfect opportunity! One I was not about to miss. There was one business park in particular I wanted to visit. It is only about eight to 10 minutes from our home. It would be ideal and absolutely perfect! Along those lines, there were also quite a few companies I would love to work for in that park – one in particular.

It’s a company that delivers produce to the entire area. It’s family owned and although the business has taken off substantially over the last few years it is fairly small – around 100-200. Certainly a different atmosphere from my last employer. I’m a big health nut so wanting to work for a fruit and vegetable supplier should come as no surprise to all of you. What is even better about this company is that they try to buy from local farmers as much as they can. I especially love this fact. We have to help support the local farmers because without them, where would we be? A job at this company would be a dream come true for me.

The day I had planned to do my walk-in application submissions just so happened to be the day that this company had two positions open. They also already had posted them on an online job site. Great! If I applied a few days earlier I’d have no competion. Now, I’m competting with hundreds, maybe a thousand applicants. Alas, I am determined and will apply anyway.

Three weeks ago was when I applied for this particular company. A week later, I got a phone call for an interview with the HR Director and my potential boss. A week after that, I was being called for a second interview with the CEO. A week after that brings us to yesterday and I was called with a job offer!!!

It is like a dream come true. I also cannot help but to say that it also is probably fate. The way this entire situation with this company has panned out. It just seems like everything aligned. Here is where it gets even better.

I will be doing the same thing I have done for the last 15 years. Even better, the offer was for a slight increase than what I was making at my previous employer. Also, in three years time my new boss is hoping to retire. If/When this happens, they would like to promote me into that roll. The thought is since I will already be working so closely with this individual and know the jobs it would only make sense. This job description would be a significant change from my current one – one that would normally not be able to obtain unless you have a college degree (which I have not finished). This would also mean a significant salary increase. How awesome is that?! So, for the next three years I have a goal – learn everything I can, work to my absolute best and in the end, I will be rewarded. These are all things I would normally do even if I did not have a goal in place but this….this…just makes it so much more exciting. So much more worthy. So much more….well, you get the picture.

So, I get to enjoy two more weeks of Summer off spending time with the Little Bear. I cannot say I am 100% happy and excited about this. I mean, I am but I am also sad. Sad that I have to go back to work leaving Little Bear for at least 40 or so hours a week. It breaks my heart. I will miss her so very much. It will be a rough adjustment for she and I when the time does come. However, I do know that in the end we will adapt well – as we have done in the past. It is, of course, mixed emotions at this time but ones that I am sure will pass and will prove to be worth it in the end.

Time to start writing that next chapter in this book called life………

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As we all know, I started my AVON business back in January. I cannot begin to tell you how much AVON has changed my life over the last seven months. It started off as extra income in our pockets and now, I’m working on my goal to acquire enough customers and team members (stay tuned for details in the coming sentences…) that I can eventually become a work-from-home Mom with my AVON business.

Having my own AVON business means so much…..

It means that I can work my own hours around my schedule so my time with the family is not compromised. Having flexible hours means that if you are a Mom you can get the kids to dance & football! You can even bring your kids to work with you. (My Little Bear is also known as Mommy’s Little AVON Helper.)

It means that I am my OWN BOSS!!! No one to tell me what time to report in or clock out. No one to fire me. No one to cut me a check! It’s all about ME and MY NEEDS!

Let me share with you this AWESOME OPPORTUNITY that I was given By A Mom – For Us Moms. It really is the PERFECT opportunity. There really is no risk to give this a try…..

Avon has been in business for 120 years and they have helped many women achieve their goals and dreams.

It can do the same for you! AVON has offered both women and men a unique chance to start a home based business and to make it grow. Today, three million independent representatives are taking advantage of that opportunity. And there is always room for more. Success is truly within your reach. Sell some of the most innovative and popular skin care and beauty products in the world.

* Make YOUR own hours, develop YOUR own customers!
* Sell from YOUR own home, office or anywhere YOU like! (I’ve been selling in the Park on my laptop or even to park visitors during a visit with my daughter)
* Set YOUR own goals – what you put in is what YOU get out! (My first goal was to earn extra income so we could pay off some debt. Now that that goal is reached, I am reaching for an even bigger goal – make this a full time job so I can work from home and be with my daughter)

* To START YOUR AVON Business, there are NO Credit Checks or Requirements.
* YOU must be at least 18 years old.
* Startup costs the LOWEST of any direct sales company! You do not have to buy inventory!
* Earn 50% Commission (Limited Time Only)!
* Health Benefits and Savings Plans also offered!
* NO Minimum Order!
* NO Sales Quotas
* NO Inventory to buy!

Expand YOUR business by becoming an AVON Beauty Advisor, doing Fundraisers or Selling On-Line as an eRepresentative.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE being an AVON Representative. I’m also an AVON Beauty Advisor, an online eRepresentative and Fundraising Specialist. I love AVON so much that I am trying to reach every Mom I possibly can to share this opportunity.

My AVON business has grown by leaps and bounds over the last seven months. I now have my own AVON team called Team Rising Stars. I currently have about 22 women on my team and we are all striving for the same goal – financial independence all while we are our OWN BOSS!!! It’s wonderful to see my ladies succeed and help them to reach their goals.

I would LOVE to have you on my team! Want to JOIN AVON and START MAKING MORE MONEY TODAY?!

Go to: http://www.start.youravon.com
Enter Reference Code: krementer

That’s it. Yes! AVON has made it that much easier now that you can SIGN UP ONLINE! In the comfort of your own home!

JOIN my AVON team today and you will not only receive your Welcome Kit from AVON but I will also send you my own personal packet full of information that will help build your business!

With AVON you are not in business by yourself but FOR yourself. I will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals!

Have more questions?????? Email me at kathie (dot) rementer (at) hotmail (dot) com. That’s my AVON business email and I’ll help answer what ever questions you may have.

So what are you waiting for??? JOIN AVON TODAY!!!!!

Not interested in joining but what to purchase products??? Please visit my store website at http://www.beautyvendor.com . Would like a brochure mailed to your home? Email me and I’ll get one right out to you.

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Whew! Talk about a disappearance, eh? So sorry about that.

It is very hard to find balance and a new routine when your old one is thrown all out of whack. As you all know, I lost my job at the beginning of last month. Such a long, crazy story and let’s just say when you give a company your all for seven years and was always recognized for such – then to have your employment halted suddenly just HURTS. After all the emotional rollercoasting, I’ve accepted it and am moving on.

The bright side to being laid off was the timing. I was laid off at the very beginning of the Summer. How nice is that?! I get to spend time, at home, with my darling Little Bear. We have been enjoying it immensely.

There has been a lot of small trips to the zoo, to the mall, to the park and everywhere inbetween. We’ve crafted. We’ve shopped. We’ve spent lots of time in the sun. We’ve even developed – both she and I.

I have a lot of adventures to catch you all up on. And yes, we will have pictures as well. I think, with this whole blogging experience that has been a big change for me; to take pictures of my life all day long. LOL!! It’s taking some getting used to but you know what, I love the fact that our lives are being journaled. Now, if only I could get caught up in my scrapbooking. LOL!!!

During my time at home, I have been actively seeking work. Very aggressively also. I have probably submitted over 80 resumes by now. Have gone on three interviews with another one this Thursday. The competition is fierce but I have a feeling I will find something soon.

I have also started to work a bit more aggressively with my AVON business. Once I got laid off, I actually reversed back and instead of going full force as I was before and could really do being a stay at home Mom for the time being, I actually stepped a few steps back from it. As such, my AVON profits have been lagging. Not good when you’re unemployed. So, it’s back to it FULL FORCE and I think you will LOVE some of the new things AVON has to offer. (Yes, it will be a part of my blog!)

On the fitness front, I’m getting very close to my goal weight. Tho the weight in numbers is almost there, my body is not. I’m very squishy and have noticed in my weight loss a good portion of it was muscle mass. This is NOT good and NOT something anyone would want. So, another advantage of this time off is to get back into a Fitness Regime FAITHFULLY and stick to it. My current weight is 128. My goal is 115/120. I would prefer my body fat percentage to be about 18-20% which includes a lot of muscle mass. Wish me luck! And yes, that will be a part of this blog too. ;o)

In the coming week or so, I will also have a lovely suprise for you here at Frugal, Fit and Fabulous! I think that all my lovely readers are really going to start enjoying things around here and I hope that if you do, you will spread the word. I LOVE my readers and I LOVE your comments. So, please, if you have any suggestions, thoughts or just want to say ‘hey’ please do! I will try to comment back as soon as possible also.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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