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New Space just for Mama


Isn’t she pretty? She’s from the Better Homes & Garden line at Walmart.

Dh, Little Bear and I went to Walmart yesterday in search of a desk. I desperately need one for my Avon business and Home Management. As it stands now, Dh and I have a little corner desk from when we had the pc downstairs. It is small but did the job. Since moving it up into the “office” it’s since started to gain tons of clutter of Dh’s stuff and well, just not enough space for me to conduct my Avon business tasks or any Home Management task that I might need to fulfill. It was time that we had “his” and “her’s” desks.

When shopping for my desk it had to meet two criteria. One, it had to be reasonable in price. Preferrably $99 but no more than $150. Two, it had to have enough storage that I could be the organizing queen i’ve grown to be. This desk managed to fit both categories!

I love the fact that it has the little cubbies up above. It can easily fit a few baskets (as shown) and I can use them for various things. Right now, I am thinking one cubbie for my coupons (that either need to be clipped and/or filed). Another cubbie for bills that need to be paid and/or filed. With the other two cubbies being designated for my Avon business. Tho I am not exactly sure for what exactly – possibly one regarding my Customers and one regarding my Downline Members.

That long middle drawer in the center is fabulous. One would think it is a drawer for pens, etc, yes? Nope. It’s a keyboard drawer. The front comes down and the drawer slides out. What a great idea!!!

The pc tower cabinet is great to keep Little Bear’s hands out of reach. (Tho truth be told I use my laptop now more than the actual pc tower). It also has a filing cabinet on the lower right. I plan to use this for my Avon business. I have lots of files I need to file away.

The only downside to this desk is that the drawer above the bottom right one. You would think it is another filing cabinet, yes? Wrong. It’s just making you think that. It’s really just a deep storage cabinet. I’m not a big fan of that idea. I was looking forward to having two seperate filing drawers – one for Home and one for my business. Now, I dont know what i’m going to do with it. As it stands now, it looks like a storage section that will end up being used for junk because things will get lost in it. That is unless I can find some way to make this into a filing drawer instead….Hmmmm……..thoughts? would it be possible???

Once it’s assembled (Rumor has it with the reviews it is a 9-11 hour project) and have it all organized I will take pictures to show all of you. Dh is going to do a little bit at a time. I’m hoping to have it up and ready by the end of the week. 🙂


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