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Setting a Good Example

As Mother’s (or Father’s) we tend to forget that even when we are not paying attention every action, every word can be seen or heard by our little people at home.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize how much of an example we are setting until we see her (or him) repeating something we’ve done (or said). Take Little Bear for example….

One night, out of nowhere, Little Bear is trying to practice Tree Pose. I’m busy cooking dinner and the likes and I look over to check on her and see her in mid-practice “Mommy, try it.” I look to see what it is I am to mimic and what do I see, my darling daughter practicing one of my favorite yoga poses…Tree Pose.


I couldn’t believe she let me run to get my camera so that I could take a picture. It was my lucky night. After I took her picture, I explained to her that this was a yoga move and it was called “tree pose.”  I told her it helped with her balance and it was one of Mommy’s favorite poses. 

As I was explaining this to her, her face was lighting up with such happiness, such excitment. By golly, I do believe my little girl is enjoying yoga as much as her Mommy. Either that or just that she is loving something that her Mommy loves so much.

After the initial shock of my yoga practice subtly making an impact on my daughter, I decided to go through some poses with her and see if she could mimic them with me. Little Bear, let’s do “child’s pose“….


Now, how about we try one of Mommy’s other favorite poses….”Warrior!” (She really liked this one!)


And how about “Downward Dog“….. to which after the pose she replies “Mommy, this your favorite!” (Tis true! It is my favorite. I actually get down into it every morning as soon as I get out of bed)


For a little girl who has not been taught the yoga practice by my side, she sure does know a lot — just by my existing and practicing with her near me. So, you see, even when we are not intending to leave a lasting impact on our children, we are. I was not intentionally (yet!) trying to teach my daughter yoga. I was just merely practicing when I had time to fit it in — whether she was in the room watching tv or playing with her toys or she wasn’t there. I never would have guessed, in a million years, that just by watching my actions that she would “pick up” on things. 

My heart was so warm and so happy when I saw Little Bear’s face just light up as she was showing off for her Mommy what she learned only by watching me (when I didnt even know she was watching). She knew she made me proud. She now enjoys her yoga practice as much as her Mommy and more times than not every since then, she’s been practicing with me. Sometimes, yoga time is for just me but nowadays, I find yoga time for me and for her — we call it our “two of us yoga time” (Spoken straight from the Little’s mouth)

This entire event was such an eye opener for me. It reminded me that at any given moment, I am teaching my child things – whether they are things that are meant to be taught or things that weren’t but accidentally done. It’s made me more aware of my actions and my words. I am her greatest teacher. My words, my actions will play an impact on her. I have to ensure that those words, those actions are good ones – with good intentions. I am just happy that thus far, I seem to be unknowingly (well, knowingly now) teaching her the good values.

What has your child done or said that opened your eyes and made you realize that you were their greatest teacher? that you were impacting their lives whether you did it on purpose or not? And if you do not have children, if you did, what would you like them to take away from your practices? Good healthy eatting? a certain exercise move?



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